Introducing Sue Phillips

Sue has been a natural intuitive since childhood, and her skills as a mental health/learning disabilities nurse of 37 years, helped her to develop her clairvoyance and mediumship skills which she developed further by attending the Arthur Findlay college with the Spiritual National Union 18 years ago as a natural progression. She can help with direction, clarity and healing in your life, and can also bring through your loved ones from Spirit to offer comfort and guidance. Sue trained as a hypnotherapist and specialises in Regression and Past Life Regression. She can often see your past life influences in a reading, offering understanding and advice in your relationships and life situations. She is a qualified Shamanic Practitioner and NFSH healer (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) of 25 years.

Managing Stress

Managing stress and attendence in the work place incorporating stress managment
techniques and sound bath for stress reduction.This is also available for individuals.

Meditation and Mindfulness

In the work place.Delivering training, teaching useable techniques for staff to use in everyday life.Both methods advise and inform individuals on their own healthy mind set.
this positively impacts their work place attendance and mindset.Team building making the most of your staff team,and increasing productivity and attendance


Regression,past life regression,future life progression,phobias,anxiety and relaxation.This works on the subconcious mind,anabling healing and the release of issues effecting daily life and relationships.

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Sue Phillps
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