Mediumship is a practise of communication between spirit and the medium. Giving evidence only they would know and understand from spirt to the
recipient. Mediumship is described as the ability to connect with the world of Spirit, in order to communicate with the soul energy of loved ones who are no longer here, or to gain information which is relevant and helpful to the client. It can be used seperatley in one to one readings and in demonstrations to bring communication with friends and loved ones through to offer comfort, love and support from spirit. Both aspects can be used in a reading together or seperatly. Sue is a highly developed Medium, who serves Spiritualist Churches as a platform medium, and demonstrates this gift in other settings and is available for private bookings in halls, public venues, theatres and other settings.
Sue trained at the famous Arthur Findlay College in London.

Sue will work with groups or one-to-one and is happy to travel to accommodate you.