(Here is what people say about sue)
“I just want to thank you so much for all your help and support
getting back on track. The healing sessions have been wonderful
and I enjoy the energy and serenity that follows each visit…
also down to your calming influence” LINDA WORCS


“Thanks for a brill reading you were fantasic x” SARAH WORCS


“Everyone loved the evening. I told my partner about his friend
who was stabbed coming through in my reading, now he wants
a reading.like how do you know!! Ha ha! Love you Sue. You
are amazing!!!!” TRUDY WORCS


Hello Sue x Hope your OK hun x
Brilliant news today….Mum been to her oncology appt today
and Dr is blown awqay with her!!!! Tumor is stable not grown,
not spread he said he is delighted with her!!!!!!!
the work you’ve done with Mum!!!!! I really can’t put into
words what you’ve done for us all. Love you loads Sue and
thank you again!!!!!! SHARON, BIRMINGHAM.


‘I genuinely cannot recommend Sue & her spiritual
team enough. I personally have had various success
stories for physical & emotional issues. She is a
compassionate but thorough gifted lady that works
with spirit to heal from cellular & soul level. I also get
to call her my friend. Since finding Sue its like a piece
to the jiqsaw and how we met…well that’s another story! ‘